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our mobile unit 
our uptown bar- 5637 MAGAZINE ST. NEW ORLEANS
hours for Uptown 7am-2pm Monday&Tuesday
            Wed-Sat 7-5pm Sunday 8am-4pm
               Our new location
                 Central City 
          small plate breakfast bar 
           opens September 25th 
     go to Velvet Central Kitchen
     order teacakes for parties NOW!
      Gluten Free teacakes, scones,poptarts!!http://www.velvettogeaux.comhttp://velvetcentral.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

Come and enjoy speciality coffees from the finest roasters in the USA. I have search the country for the best roasted beans, espresso machines, latte artist, education and so on. See my search at I am a BGA certified Barista.  (Barista Guild of America) and have a passion for coffee.
All our bread is made in house. Small batch, by hand. We have homemade almond milk we make daily. Try our steamed egg sandwich or how about ham brie and fig melt. Many breakfast items like poptarts we make with love or a traditional english scone with jam... Egg burritos. It’s all so yummy!
We would love for you to try our sweet and savory artisan tea cakes.... (you can’t just eat one). 
 We have art by Bella Muro, come in and you might see her painting. 
Music by Noah, he is a pianist and self taught, Noah is amazing and magical. 
Why throw a cupcake as a website name you ask: I love to have food fights and even though I call them tea cakes they are like tiny cupcakes. 
Try our Spanish Latte!